Behind the lens is Marcelo Moya, freelance photographer, with more than 7 years experience, based in Canada since mid 2016, opens a new, different and attractive world in the concept of  portraits, and food photography. Sessions that will fit your ideas.


And a long list of different decoration items for different types of environments, home, restaurant, hotels and offices. With original and unique photographs.

My Story


My story begins in the year 1975 in the city of Valdivia in the south of Chile, after having traveled most of my country from north to south and see the beauty of its landscapes and different cities, I start to take photos at 12 years, I study tourism and hospitality. Which led me to live in Costa Rica, Spain, Mexico, France and finally settle in Canada.

Which allowed me to open my vision of this world, its different cultures, people, landscapes cities, to say the least.

I worked on it until 2010, where I started to dedicate myself 100% to photography as a professional, up to the current date.



"Do not give up for lost, what you have not won".

-Marcelo Moya-